Character Sheets

Leeroy Wyatt 

Final Version


Action Poses

General Information
1.       Protective, Paranoid, Hard-working, Stubborn, Old-school

2.       Leeroy Wyatt

3.       150 lbs.

4.       Getting ready to have dinner

5.       He heard something go into his field and he is going out to investigate with his shotgun. He suspects that something fishy has been going on on his farm and he wants to go settle the matter once and for all.

6.       He doesn’t really have any one important in his life anymore. He was married once but his wife left him a long time ago. He has a pet cat that he’s particularly fond of although its usually sleeping.

7.       He’s biased against young people because he thinks they’re lazy, as well as new-age things and other farmers who are commercializing. He’s really old school and likes to do everything the “good old-fashioned way”.  He’s also paranoid about aliens.

8.       He has a pet cat. It’s orange, fat and pretty lazy.

9.       Joe Jenkins likes to be independent and gets quite embarrassed if he has to ask for help from other people. He never does, though; he takes care of everything himself.

10.   His goal is to be a successful farmer and for people to respect him for what a hard-worker he is and the quality of his work.

11.   He collects a lot of pictures of cats.

12.   The blue ribbon award for corn at the county fair.

13.   “This is Joe Jenkins, and he’s a little hard of hearing so try to speak up when you talk to him.”

14.   Joe Jenkins’ parents were both farmers as well. They passed the land on to him before they died. They were both very hard working people as well. Joe also has a younger brother who was quite a bit lazier. He left the family farm for a career in radio.

15.   Everything is very square and stout. The furniture is hand-crafted pine. There are also lots of cat pictures and one large framed image of his parents that people sometime mistake for a copy of  “American Gothic”.

16.   Joe Jenkins is pretty proud of himself for being so self-reliant and taking care of the farm on his own all these years. Deep down, though, he’s a bit lonely and wishes he had someone to have thought-provoking dialogues about corn with. Aside from Mr. Fuzzface who’s never really contributed much to the conversation, but is a very good listener nonetheless. 

Ollie the Alien
Final Version


Action Poses

General Information
1.       spontaneous, obsessive, meticulous, curious, temperamental,

2.       Ollie the Alien

3.       170 lbs
4.       He was watching a movie before he came into the scene but he ran out of popcorn.

5.       His objective is to carry out his weekly corn harvesting routine. He gathers enough to produce a week’s worth of movie popcorn. Family tradition.

6.       Ollie the Alien spends a lot of time traversing the galaxy and there tends to be a lot of open space without much of a social scene. Sometimes he video calls his parents back on his home planet, but he’s really enjoying his time out of the nest for now.

7.       Ollie has a bias for space travel. He doesn’t want to be one of those lame aliens who hang around home until they’re 400. The first chance he got, he took out a loan to get a used spaceship. It’s a bit retro, but it has good mileage and he only has a few more payments to make on it.

8.       Ollie is allergic to fur, and besides, how are you supposed to take your pet out to do its business on a spaceship? And he certainly doesn’t want to be obligated to pull over at every planet. No pets for now.

9.       Ollie is a bit embarrassed by his family. He loves them, but doesn’t like them cramping his style or calling him pet names.

10.   Ollie wants to discover new civilizations and watch their movies.

11.   He’s a bit over-indulgent when it comes to movies and popcorn.

12.   A box set of every movie ever made in the known universe.

13.   “This is Ollie, he’ll probably just hang out in the TV room”

14.   Ollie belongs to a middle-class family of Aliens. His parents are quite affectionate and miss him a lot when he’s away. He also has an older brother who’s an athlete. He’s always making fun of Ollie for being such a movie geek, but Ollie doesn’t care, geez.

15.   It’s a bit of a mess. There are popcorn kernels strewn about, entertainment magazines, movie posters and lots of other movie paraphernalia.

16.   Ollie feels like he’s a pretty cool guy, but no one really understands him.   

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