Notes & Critique

Notes and Critique from 9/22:
  • Have the lights of the movie the farmer is watching flash in the window.
  • Still need a realiztion moment for the Farmer realizing the Alien is a friend.
  • Need more time up front
    • 2 seconds before we hear the movies, to establish what we are seeing
    • Start adding the key poses of the animation
  • Keep the Alien scary as long as you can
    • He can still be scary while he's fumbling with his gun
  • Hold longer on the Farmer's close up when he looks outside his house
  • Pause before the cornstalks shake
  • Have a beat between the Farmer seeing the crop circle and the light of the ship coming on
  • Hold longer on the Farmer's shocked jaw drop, slow in and move the camera in
  • Have a struggle between the Farmer and the ship while he's being abducted
  • Work on how the shot with the Alien shooting the Farmer into poses the layout is too flat
    • Maybe the big dark Alien in the foreground?
  • The Alien need a moment to think before deciding to share the popcorn and rubbing his hands together
  • As the Alien gets closer and closer to the Farmer's chair start dutching and pulling the camera in
Notes from the meeting with Tom Price 9/22:
  • Drift down from the sky to reveal the farmhouse
  • Foreshadow the ship by having a shooting star in the sky?
  • Add more corn in the foreground of the opening shot
  • The saucer light doesn't work in the order of the farmer seeing it (He sees the light turns around, then the ship comes up?) Add an angler fish light to the ship to motivate the light
  • Make the alien arm more menacing (Spinning corkscrews and stuff)
  • Make sure the inside oft he spaceship reads like the inside of a spaceship even in the dark.
  • Decide on a scale for the alien and play with it
    • Have shot where the Alien skittles around blurred in front of the camera
    • Keep the Alien bigger with low camera angles
    • Try a shot from between the Alien's legs?
  • Fold up the Alien's legs when he sits in the chair?
    • Telescoping?
  • Make sure there is more corn around the farmhouse in the opening shot
  • Should the robot arm be friendly?
    • Maybe offer more butter?
  • Add more closeups of the Alien and the Farmer, we need more reactions from both of them
  • Try having the alien move with a skid like he's on ice

Notes and Critique from Milestone #3 Presentation - 9/12

Story Crit:
  • Slow down the beginning
    • Take more time on the house before the spaceship flies by. Use this time to set the mood, quite and still, before disrupting that with the spaceship and the Farmer storming out of his house
  • At least one shot of the spaceship sucking is corn is critical, we need to know what the spaceship is doing.
  • Make sure it’s clear the Farmer is landing in a pile of corn
  • Add a long shot just after the farmer comes in the spaceship
    • Use this shot to establish the inside of the spaceship
  • Add a clear shot of the Farmer getting strapped in the chair, be it manacles or just a seatbelt
  • Add a close reaction shot of the Farmer’s scared reaction once he’s strapped in the chair
  • Add a reaction shot of the Farmer after he gets the popcorn
    • “Oh, it’s a friendly Alien, we’re watching movies!”
  • The whole story is still missing a “Friendship Beat”. Find a way to connect these two character as friends.
  • Maybe the Alien should climb in the Farmer’s lap?

Milestone #3 Crit:

  • There is too much environment.
    • Exactly how much do you need?
  • Contrast the indoor & outdoor colors
    • Not so many warm colors outside, they don’t feel eerie
  • Characters need more contrast in Shape, Size, & Silhouette
  • Alien design doesn’t work.
    • He doesn’t feel scary
    • He is too round
    • Go back to original sketches and concepts and experiment more, he doesn’t need to be a “Humanoid” character
  • Try having a small Alien with a Giant shadow
  • The turnarounds on both the Farmer and Alien feel too stiff, they need to be looser like the action poses.

  • Look at the colors from Courage The Cowardly Dog
  • Look at Lifted for reference on how they solved some of the problems of designing the farm, and what to steer clear of to avoid comparison

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