Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alien Story - 1st draft


1. Old Man
So far-- old, disgruntled, redneck. Exhibits extreme alien paranoia. Insists extra-terrestrials visit his farm, leave crop circles, steal his harvest and intend to abduct him. Routinely performs night-watch with a loaded shot-gun in case of alien invasion.

2. Alien
Flies a UFO. Loves movies and popcorn.


A redneck old farmer stands watch for alien invaders on his front porch at night. In moments, his field  is indeed visited by a UFO. The old man jumps to defend his property from the invader but is drawn into the alien space craft. There, he realizes that the alien is actually running a home theater, and has merely been stealing corn from his farm to use as popcorn. The old man joins the alien to watch movies and discovers his paranoia had been misplaced.

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